The Game Forest

Biggest Gaming and Japanese Manga Store on Block Chain!

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Biggest Gaming and Japanese Manga Store on Block Chain!

A digital store that lists games, comics, Japanese manga and related media as nfts. Unlike other digital game stores, every game is an NFT that you can resell or gift to a friend, like physical games. This store will return ownership of games to players.

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Games Coming to the Platform

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People & Blogs

Age of Grit Trailer

War & Romance New Gameplay Footage

all your base are belong to us

Hack and Slash prototype with free camera

3D unity adventure stealth full

unity visual novel (sound novel)

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Manga and Visual Novels Coming to the Platform

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Why The Game Forest

Great Utility in a Great Game Store

$GAMEFOREST holders will be able to vote on which games make it to the store and which games to promote on store's home page.

So you can support your favorite games using The Game Forest token.
Please note that The Game Forest has the final say regarding those decisions.

Early in the Space

We are one of the early crypto projects that focus on single player desktop, web games and Japanese manga.
This give a huge room for gaining a lot of customers.

We are Already in the Industry

the-game-forest.com is already a functioning store. Development has been halted on it, and we will transform it now to a dapp store.
We already have partened with game/manga creators and are ready with their products for when the new dapp version of The Game Forest goes live!

Gaming Gear

Products in the Making


Web Store and Library

We will start by the web store and library where the user can browse the games and manga for sale, buy it and read the manga, play html5 games or download PC games he owns.
Eventually we will have a non-custodial login where we store the private key on our servers and a custodial option where the player have his key.
This is where the gamer can also send games that he owns to their friend's library or resell it.
The reason for a login approach is to have something familiar for non-crypto players.

Developer Portal

A developer portal where the developer can submit their games for review and we will mint the nft and get things setup.
We will give the developers the option to directly mint their nft tokens by themselves but it won't show to the store except after review.

Mobile Wallet, Store, Viewer and Player

The mobile wallet will act like the webstore and library.
The player would be able to buy games/manga from the store, view his library, read manga and play HTML5 mobile games that he owns.

Store Items, HTML5 Games, PC Games, Japanese Manga

The store items category would be mainly PC Games, HTML5 games and Japanese manga.

Desktop Game Client

A steam like Desktop client would be made for PC games. A gamer would be able to view his library, download and play his games.

Original Exclusive Titles

Our store will have exclusive games developed only for it to attract gamers. War & Romance is a WIP game that we will release on the platform once it's done.
We will contract with third party developers for exclusive deals.

Supported Languages

We have supported till now on the legacy platform, Arabic, English and Japanese. On our new platform we intend to focus mainly on English, Turkish, Japanese and Arabic.

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Image by Estée Janssens


Q3-Q4 2021

  • Hold a sale on dxsale and start trading after it's finished

  • Audit the main token contract code

  • Get more indie game creators and manga artists on board to attract more people

  • Mint those content on the platform

  • Create promotional materials (telegram stickers, video ads, etc..)

  • Release a working version of the game store

  • Officially register the company in Turkey

Q1 2022

Progress the development with the webstore and Library and developer portal.

Working version of the game store desktop client

Q2 2022

A working version of the mobile wallet.

Start with the development of story driven single player HTML 5 games.

Q3 2022

Inside of a Spaceship
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Financial District


Who We Are

Financial District

Abdalla Ramadan


I am a Computer Science B.Sc. Hodler 😉, and experienced game developer.
I have worked on tons of projects (game and otherwise) for myself, clients and employers.
I worked in Egypt and Japan but now residing in Turkey.


Testimonials for The Developers Behind The Game Forest


Abdalla from Stranger Games who is behind this project worked on our game projects! He is a great programmer and a hard worker. He communicates clearly and regularly. When I had feedback he listened and made sure to implement my comments. He wasn't happy until I was happy! A+++!!!
I am very excited for The Game Forest platform and will be happy to list my games on the platform!

Andy from IQSoup


I have known Abdalla for over 3 years now. I haven't come across anyone with his level of development skills. He not only has a great technical understanding but also understands his clients and the end customer too. He's well organise, always on time and constantly keeps you posted on progress. It always has been great fun working with Abdalla.

Jason from OTB

SAVI golf_V4_WithOutClub.png

Abdalla was very diligent and thoughtful in his work. He produced a high quality iOS app for me that included augmented reality and human detection features. He was timely in his work and responses, and he was efficient and effective at implementing the features I described in the app. His knowledge of Unity and iOS helped me understand the limitations around features I wanted before he put the time. He was looking out for what was best for me. Great character, smart developer, and easy to work with.

Brendan from Consistent Shot